About Us

The Ethero approach and philosophy.

Since its inception, Ethero Events has built a reputation for providing custom event management services to not-for-profit organizations. Specializing in unique event experiences, we have coordinated and managed conferences, festivals, galas, and fundraising events.

Proud to call Winnipeg home, we are passionate about producing events that encourage Winnipeggers to see the city around them in  different ways. Suddenly, that alley way you have passed a hundred times on your way to the office is alive with music, people, and lights.   Or maybe a parking spot is no longer just a parking spot because a roof top parkade has been transformed into an ideal place for a cocktail party. Nothing can transform a space like a unique event. And nothing can transform a event like a unique event.

We value the unqiue and driven organizations that make our community great – which is why Ethero intentionally work with not-for-profit organizations. We understand how important your event is to your mission and your reputation.

We also understand that resources are scarce and work closely with your board, committee, and staff to discuss your goals and identify ways to achieve them within your budget. We have also structured our company to ensure that your investment in us goes towards the services you require, not overhead expenses.

Ethero works with you. We believe that the key to success is building relationships with partners, not clients, and understand the nuanced difference. We also believe that people should be able to focus on doing what they are best at, and that when we do, we all end up better off. The efficiencies organizations gain by having a dedicated event manager on your team frees up your staff, board, and volunteers to do what they do best. And a well managed event not only improves your bottom line, it creates a better and more exciting experience for you, your team, and your community.