What We Do

From conception to event day.

Event logistics

  • Event day management
  • Meet with event organizers, coordinate event proposals, report to board/committees with recommendations, coordinate event organizers, book venues, secure permits, assist event planners
  • Coordinate and schedule volunteers
  • Hire photographer/videographer
  • Develop systems and coordinate event registrations/ticket sales
  • Update websites
  • Create and implement Health & Safety and Emergency plans
  • Implement Info/Lost Child/Emergency/First Aid policies


  • Book and organize vendors & suppliers
  • Establish and monitor event budget
  • Monitor event email address/communications and be main point of contact for event
  • Establish and coordinate event schedules
  • Coordinate with stakeholders to ensure cohesive event
  • Establish task lists and timelines required for event
  • Coordinate mailings and electronic communication
  • Report to committees/boards/other stakeholders
  • Produce post-event report


  • Liase with media and arrange interviews
  • Coordinate print media and other promo materials
  • Establish and maintain social media accounts
  • Solicit media sponsorship & media coverage
  • Prepare press releases & general media contacts
  • Distribute posters