Customized Experiences

Events done a little differently.

The Alley Party

Transforming spaces and building events in the most unexpected of places has always been a passion of Ethero Events. ¬†An unconventional space, pop up bar, temporary lighting, and a DJ with a great sound system — what more do you need? Taking a back alley from something folks hustle by as quickly as possible and transforming it into a place Winnipegers seek out and can’t wait to experience is the power of event magic!

Winnipeg Wine Cru

Take one part wine geek, one part cocktail lounge, mix in an event manager, stir, and what do you get? The Winnipeg Wine Cru. Whether it is pairing wines with local artists, curating a list of reds and whites for a pop-up dinner, or exploring wine-related themes with friends, Winnipeg Wine Cru will expose you to new wines, in new places – without any snobbery or pretense.